Hello, my name is Dalida Kibir, I´m an art curator, a music lover, a techno DJ and producer based in Berlin.  

I never thought I could end up making soap but the truth is that the more I learned, the more it captivated me, the technique behind it, the control over the oils, the perfume and colours.

Working with organic material and turn it into something different using the alquimia the same way it has been done for as long as 3000 years is truly magical, I discovered how relaxing and beautiful it is so I came more and more eager to create unique design soaps. 

I named it Krug soaps in memory of my beloved dear friend Wolfgang Krug, who I admired, a wonderful person, a designer, an art and fashion lover. 

I enjoy making soap that is a useful piece of art and that is also nourishing to the skin. 

Normally the soap bars bought at the store dries your skin and this is because the valuable Glycerin that is produced naturally in the process of saponification is taking out, or it doesn´t exist in the first place as many are done only with detergents, while in natural handcraft soap Glycerin is not removed and is therefore, better for your skin.

Krug soaps is an ethical brand. We only use natural bio/ organic, vegan environmentally friendly and cruelty free materials in our products, I take great pride in the ingredients we use and I am fully aware of where I buy, how they are produced to where they come from and its quality.

I believe in sustainability and therefore all the products are bought domestically and the package is plastic free.

I want every one to be able to enjoy natural, bio products so my mission is to mantein prices affordable for every pocket.

Krug soaps, luxury skin care for all! 

I hope you enjoy my products as much as I enjoy making them with love and care specially for you.

If you have any doubts, queries or if you wish to ask for a design of your choice do not hesitate to contact me.

I also produce tailored soaps made for special occasions as company gifts, wedding presents, events, on request.

Thanks for stopping by!

Dalida Kibir 
Krug soaps