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Welcome to my Blog.

Here you can learn about my favourite natural and exotic ingredients and their benefits to you.
I will also write about Krug soaps activity and show amazing collaborations with other artists.

Artist collaboration with Estelacuantica.

Spanish landscape architect and painter Estelacuantica, based in Berlin, has created a distinctive tropical-patterned wrap for Krug soaps, showcasing monstera and palm leaves alongside hibiscus and vanilla flowers in vivid shades of green and pink.

You can find more about Estela here: Instagram:@estelacuantica


Artist collaboration with David Kano.

David Kano, Spanish producer, composer and leader of several bands (Cycle among others) makes music for Krug soaps.
You can listen to his music in our videos.

You can listen to the track he made specially for our last video here:

You can find more about David here:
Instagram: @mr.davidkano or

Artist collaboration with Izars.

Izars is a Spanish electronic music DJ and producer who lives in Berlin.
He is a multi-faceted producer. His music goes from Techno Detroit to Ambient, Experimental, Electro, Techno and Breakbeat.
His music has been released in labels like Subsist, Graphene, Coum or Urban Legend, just to name a few.

You can listen to the track he made specially for our last video here:

You can find more about Izars here:


I have prepared a selection of videos where you can see how the soaps are made or simply to enjoy the end result.

Check out how the techno bears have fun!
Bear-hain limited series with a mission: No gender, no race, just techno and bubbles.
Inspired by the legendary Berlin techno club "Berghain"


Video Compilation "Krug soaps"

Krug soaps has been featured at LiTE-HAUS Gallery in Berlin along side with amazing Berlin based artists, which made me very proud. Thank you LiTE-HAUS Galerie <3

In my last trip to Granada, Spain I felt so inspired by the scents of the city, the flowers from La Alhambra, the orange trees, the colours and the sweetness of its gardens that I decided to launch Krug scents.
5 ml Roll-On Perfume Oil  of handmade perfume oil that comes with  7 fresh floral fragrances to choose from: Aloe, Atlas, Azahar, Green Tea, Jasmine, Mimosa, Madreselva.

"8M IWD 24 by Krug soaps"
I made this video to celebrate the power of women, who we are as individuals and as a collective. It was amazing to work with so many women who were happy to join me to send a clear message to all women out there, you are not alone, you are one of us!
We are a community and we need to help one another.
Happy Women's Day!
Be yourself Take care of each other.

Special thanks to Dr. Amy Fitzgerald for her passion and being a great narrator and to Annie Hall for her generosity with her music.


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