“Krug soaps” is an ethical handmade soap brand crafted in Berlin.
We offer an exquisite and luxurious range of vegan soaps, that are meticulously made with love, care and attention. Each bar is unique and thoughtfully created to bring a touch of nature´s beauty into your daily routine.

Every soap is carefully created using only the finest organic and bio plant-based ingredients, infused with delicate floral, herbal and wood essences ensuring a soothing and aromatic experience.

With a strong focus on sustainability and ethical practices, “Krug soaps” is committed to promoting a harmonious connection with the environment, our products are plastic and cruelty free.

Treat yourself and indulge in the luxuriance of “Krug soaps” and let the comforting fragrances and nourishing properties envelop your senses while gently moisturising your skin.

Krug soaps, luxury skin care for all.